About me

I’m a computer engineer by profession; a yachting, mountain-biking and snowboarding fan in theory more than practice; a productivity hack junkie on the verge of real efficiency; and a mac aficionado by choice and environmental influence.

My professional interests cover various topics of computer science and computer engineering. I am and always have been interested in specialized and dedicated computing environments, and regard FPGAs as the extreme end of programmable computing systems, where the boundary between hardware and software begins to blur. At the same time, I am aware of the trend towards parallel and multi-core platforms ranging from the embedded across the desktop towards the high-performance computing segments. The inevitable transition from predominantly sequential programming paradigms towards more parallel and distributed processing (both within and across system boundaries) thus interests me from more than one perspective.

I’m also more and more a fan of open-source development, and currently involved in the ReconOS project which is just about ready for public release (no, really…).

Going against the CS stereotype, I do enjoy occasional physical activity, both off the coast and in more mountainous terrain. Yet recently, the periods between physical activities do seem to expand ever so slightly. It remains to be seen whether the increased opportunities around my new home in Munich can change that.

As an engineer, I’m always eager to improve the efficiency of my workflow with new tools, methods or gadgets, which can have the side-effect of spending more time with improving than applying tools. I greatly value my freedom in choosing the right tools and approach for a given task; especially the application of certain aspects of modern software engineering techniques to not-run-of-the-mill workflows (like for distributed systems or hybrid hardware-software design) is of significant interest to me.

On this blog, it is my intention to express experiences, tools and thoughts regarding all of the above. For a more corporate page about me (including my CV, publications, and other factual information) see http://www.enno-luebbers.de (in German).