A bathroom-ready Squeezebox

The most annoying thing about putting your Squeezebox into your bathroom is the fact that you need to manually turn it on or off. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your Squeezebox turned itself on when you switch on the light in the bathroom, and turn off when your leave and switch off the light?

Enter bathroomd, a hugely sophisticated quick hack which reads out your Squeezebox’s ambient light sensor and mutes the playback volume when the ambient brightness falls below a certain threshold, as well as turning the volume back up when the brightness rises above a (second) threshold.

You can find bathroomd at GitHub.


I found your ‚hack‘ on Github. I am trying to build something like that by myself.
Do you know a way to read the Ambient Light Sensor Data through the CLI? Because then it would be easy to implement this by on the server.

Thanks so far :)

Posted by SaniToeter on 2 März 2012 @ 10pm


yes, you can get the ambient sensor value directly by reading from


It seems to have some hysteresis filtering applied to it, so it doesn’t react immediately, though.

Posted by ennonymous on 26 März 2012 @ 6am

Hi Enno,

Can I use your script as a basis for a similar script that sends the ambient light values to a Home Automation Server? I’ll provide a link to your script in my script.


Posted by Al on 22 Januar 2015 @ 4pm

Hi Al,

of course you can, thanks for asking!

– Enno

Posted by ennonymous on 2 Februar 2015 @ 7am

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